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okcanWenzhou Okcan Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Wenzhou Pingyang Wanquan Industrial Zone, professional commitment to multidirectional forging hydraulic press, the rapid forging hydraulic press, three position red blanking machine, automatic precision red punching hydraulic machine, elbow cold push molding machine, three cold extrusion molding machine, head forming hydraulic machine, glass steel hydraulic machine, flat vulcanizing machine, semi automatic deep embossed hydraulic machine, plate embossing machine, sheet drawing machine hydraulic equipment manufacturing and sales, can also be based on user demand for design and manufacture of special purpose and specifications of hydraulic equipment.
Products of our company are widely used in oil pipeline, valve of nuclear power plant, high pressure valve, water heating valve, pressure vessel, building industry, automobile industry and a variety of fields. Hydraulic machinery as a national industrial infrastructure, Oukai machine based on the principle of contribution for the country, science and technology leader, excellence, quality service for the purpose of, and friends from all walks of life sincere cooperation, work together to revitalize national industry.
Oukai machine since its inception, always adhere to the & ldquo; quality first, the supremacy of credibility, realistic and innovative, sustainable development & ldquo; the spirit of enterprise, adhering to the & ldquo; customer demand is our mission & ldquo; for the business philosophy, in line with the principle of equal attention to service and quality, and strive to provide the best quality products and the most perfect service to our customers.


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