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Quality control system and after sales service guarantee


Okcan machinery implements the quality policy of "win the market competition with science and technology, and win the trust of users with superior quality"< br /> Oukai machinery guarantees that the steel plate and round steel of the machine are purchased from well-known manufacturers with guaranteed quality. It is by no means to purchase low-cost and low-quality materials to save costs, so users can use them with complete confidence. Our company can promise you: if our machine body and oil cylinder break in normal use within five years, our company will be responsible for it< br /> The product quality assurance system and service quality assurance system of Oukai machinery are introduced as follows:

One、 Product quality assurance system
1. Fuselage

(1) The automatic air cutting is used for cutting, and the double side reverse crevasse is formed after cutting

(2) When the fuselage is assembled, the surface between the ribs must be smooth without too much gap, which will lead to poor welding

(3) After assembly and spot welding, the form and position tolerance shall be measured with a level, a square and a ruler, and the tolerance standard shall be in accordance with the form and position tolerance (GB ﹤ 1)_ T1184- 1996);

(4) welding shall be started after the lap joint is completed. Segmented welding method shall be adopted for welding, and strong wind cooling shall be adopted to avoid stress concentration. The welding shall be in accordance with JB / t8609-1997 technical conditions for welding parts of forging machinery

(5) After welding, the welding seam shall be ground and treated with vibration, and then aged for at least 20 days

(6) After rough grinding, it is sent to the machining center

2. Oil cylinder

(1) the forging of the material meets the general technical requirements for forgings (JB / zq4000.7-86)

(2) Normalizing treatment shall be carried out according to GB / t16923-1997 specification for normalizing and annealing treatment of steel (3) The inspection of lathe after machining shall be in accordance with the standard of tolerance and fit (GB 1800-1804-79), standard of shape and position tolerance (GB 1184-80) and standard of surface roughness (GB 1031-83)

(4) Hard chromium plating on the surface of plunger rod (GB 11379-89 chromium plating for metal coating Engineering)

3. Hydraulic system

(1) cartridge valve adopts well-known brand and strictly controls the quality

(2) After the motor and oil pump are connected, run in, and check with a dial indicator that the run out rate is not more than 0.3mm

(3) Leakage test of oil tank after welding

(4) The pressure pipeline welding adopts the standard of industrial metal pipeline engineering quality inspection (GB 50184)

(5) the pressure of high pressure hose shall not be lower than 60MPa

(6) The hydraulic system should be cleaned twice before startup.

Two、 Service quality assurance system
Oukai machinery has many service outlets all over the country, such as Zhuji, Taizhou, Wuxi, Jining, Shenzhen, etc. under the background of more and more product sales, our company will also increase more service personnel and sales outlets. The company will conduct network meetings for after-sales service personnel every month to investigate the after-sales service situation of that month, so as to obtain product quality feedback, The deficiencies can be improved in time

Active service: 80% of the faults of the hydraulic system come from the cleanliness of the oil. Our company cleans the hydraulic system free of charge once every three years and replaces the filter element. In addition to the installation and debugging, our company will also assist users in trial production and train the operators

To establish a perfect service system is the core of Oukai machinery marketing strategy, constantly improve the service efficiency and quality, and truly achieve & lt; Customer first, customer satisfaction & quot; It is the consistent requirement of Okai machinery for all employees.


Technical service and support

Service tenet

Okcan machinery always put quality and service first, sales second, with excellent products and quality service to drive sales

Professional services

Preventive on-site maintenance service shall send personnel to conduct preventive on-site maintenance once a quarter, so as to check the potential faults of equipment operation and eliminate them in time without affecting the production of users

On site service

To ensure the safe arrival of the equipment and minimize the risk of damage to the equipment in the transportation process

Delivery reminder service

Before the equipment leaves the factory, the specialist shall inform the customer of the expected arrival time of the goods, the lifting tools to be prepared and the necessary supporting facilities for the equipment

Installation and debugging services

Every equipment in our company is sent to install and debug. In the process of installation, we strengthen the communication with the customer's operators, and use the number matching system. For example, the installation worker a goes to customer a to install. If customer a's equipment fails this year, we can directly consult the installation worker a for the first time, because the installation worker a is familiar with the customer and the customer's site

Annual maintenance plan

The hydraulic system needs to be cleaned regularly to filter the dirt of the oil. Our company provides annual maintenance service for each user (free within two years). Customers do not need to find another person to maintain the equipment, because our company will remind customers on time, so that customers can really enjoy the comfort of buying and using

Service and maintenance response time

On site service within 24 hours (Zhejiang Province)

Arrive at the scene within 48 hours (Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shanghai, Shandong)

Arrive at the scene service within 72 hours (other provinces)

7 x 24 hours service call: 86-577-63175267

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