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Mission of the enterprise:
To provide customers with the most competitive high-quality products in the market is not only the quality policy of Oukai company, but also the highest operation goal. Only the best product quality and the most sincere service attitude and work efficiency can create the best profits for customers and give back to the company's employees. When these ideas are put into practice, and always require employees to abide by the code of ethics, it will form the enterprise culture.
Enterprise characteristics:
1、 Sincere service: let customers feel close at any time, be quick, cordial and strive to achieve the commitment of work

2、 Education and training: pay attention to the professional training of employees before and after work

3、 Team cooperation: the driving force of the success of Okai enterprise is absolutely indispensable

4、 Development perspective: integrate the material and human resources, and pursue the leading position of the industry

5、 Sustainable operation: on behalf of the company's integrity, the road of permanent operation

Corporate objectives:
Continuous innovation and research and development, to provide customers with the most competitive high-quality products. Oukai enterprise is people-oriented and regards all employees as the most important assets of the company. In addition to providing a superior working environment and necessary resources, we also attach more importance to the commitment of all employees to jointly operate, share the company's business mission, values and corporate goals, and share the common results of their efforts.
Business philosophy:
Based on the staff / management team, Oukai provides a challenging and learning environment, gives full play to the potential of the staff, improves the overall ability of the company, and then through the combination of innovation and teamwork, provides customers with the most competitive products and R & D technology in the market. With an international vision and outlook, and the use of resource integration, Oukai has become a global leader in industrial pipeline system connectors.


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