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The company was established in 2007. The original name of the company was Ruian Shengli machinery factory. The original company was mainly engaged in the welding and processing of hydraulic machine body, with an annual output of 2000 tons of welding parts. After three years of operation, in order to improve the added value of products, the company transformed from the processing industry to the production of hydraulic machinery. 

In October 2010, the company moved to Pingyang County and established Pingyang Lishun hydraulic machinery factory, which is mainly engaged in the development and research of hydraulic machinery. After years of research and development, there are mature products such as HongChong hydraulic press, elbow pipe fitting hydraulic press, tee pipe fitting hydraulic press and multi-directional forging hydraulic press, which have been recognized by customers. In order to attract more and larger customers, the company upgraded from a factory to a limited company at the end of 2013, and increased its registered capital.   

In 2014, Wenzhou Oukai Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Pingsheng Lishun hydraulic machinery factory) was officially established. Shortly after the establishment of the company, the 14500t multi-directional forging hydraulic press designed and manufactured by our company for Qingtian ball leopard Valve Co., Ltd. was successfully installed and debugged, creating a record of the largest hydraulic equipment in Wenzhou. The core personnel of the company have experienced ups and downs together since 2008, There is failure, there is success, for the initial goal and dream, continue to work hard.



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