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okcanOver the years, thanks to the care and affection, the our corporation in the steer, and continue to grow and develop. Oukai machine development and achievements of today effective in many people's efforts and struggle, adhering to the & ldquo; integrity management, dare to innovate & rdquo; business philosophy, Oukai machine pragmatic and enterprising, profound knowledge, and strive to grow for a domestic and foreign well-known new enterprises.
In the era full of opportunities and challenges, only has the unceasing innovation, beyond the self, enterprises in order to always have vitality, survival and development of space will be more broad, looking Oukai development, we are full of confidence and enthusiasm, confidence, we will use a comprehensive information management, relying on a strong marketing network, to provide safe and reliable, technologically advanced, cost-effective hydraulic equipment products and services for customers.
We will adhere to the & ldquo; professional and pragmatic, high quality & rdquo; concept, to the production of safe as the guide, to the quality control as the basis, to protect the environment, occupation health responsibility, and strive to cultivate the core competitiveness, casting a brand industry efforts.

Chairman: Hu Lishui


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