Company Profile

Wenzhou Okcan Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Wanxing Road, Pingyang, Wenzhou. It specializes in the production, manufacture and sales of hydraulic equipment such as multi-directional forging hydraulic press, rapid forging hydraulic press, three-position red punch hydraulic press, full-automatic precision red punch hydraulic press, elbow cold push forming machine, three-way cold extrusion forming machine, head forming hydraulic press, glass fiber reinforced plastic hydraulic press, flat vulcanizing machine, semi-automatic deep embossing machine, door panel embossing machine and sheet drawing machine, can also be designed and manufactured according to user needs for special purposes and specifications of hydraulic equipment.

Our company's products are widely used in oil pipelines, nuclear power plant valves, high-pressure valves, water heating valves, pressure vessels, the construction industry, the automotive industry and other fields. As the basic equipment of the national industry, Ou Kai Machinery, in line with the goal of contributing to the country, with the purpose of leading science and technology and high-quality service, sincerely cooperates with friends from all walks of life to jointly revitalize the national industry.

Since its establishment, Ou Kai Machinery has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "quality first, reputation first, truth-seeking innovation, and sustainable development", adhering to the business philosophy of "customer demand is our mission", and based on the principle of equal emphasis on service and quality. Strive to provide our customers with high-quality products and perfect services.