Enterprise culture

Corporate Mission:
Providing customers with high-quality products with market competitiveness is not only Ou Kai's quality policy, but also a high operational goal. Only good product quality and sincere service attitude and work efficiency can create customers' profits and give back to the company's employees. When these ideas are put into practice, and employees are always required to abide by ethical standards, Ou Kai's corporate culture is formed.
Enterprise characteristics:
1. dedicated service: let customers feel intimate at any time, quickly, cordial and strive to achieve the promise of work.
2. education and training: Emphasis on pre-employment and on-the-job professional training and training for employees.
3. teamwork: the driving force behind Ou Kai's success is absolutely not negligible.
4. development vision: integrate human resources and pursue the status of the industry.
5. sustainable management: on behalf of the company's integrity, the road of permanent operation.
Business objectives:
Continuous innovation and research and development, to provide customers with market competitiveness of high quality products. Ou Kai Enterprise is people-oriented and regards all employees as important assets of the company. In addition to providing a superior working environment and the necessary resources, it also increases the commitment of all employees to jointly operate and share the company's business mission, values and corporate goals, and to share the common results of their efforts.
Business philosophy:
Ou Kai is based on employees/management team, providing a challenging and learning environment, giving full play to the potential of employees, improving the overall ability of the company, and then providing customers with competitive products and R & D technology through the combination of innovation and teamwork.