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Why should the four-column hydraulic press be heat treated during the production process?

The body of the four-column hydraulic press will be more stable and not easily deformed after heat treatment. Since the four-column hydraulic press is in the forging machine, it is easy to cause deformation of the fuselage without reciprocating movement. After the heat treatment, the blade properties of the fuselage can be improved. Extend the service life of the machine tool. It can also create more value for you. Therefore, the quality of the same machine tool will be upgraded through heat treatment.

Introduction to the difference between hydraulic press and hydraulic press

Many customers have questions about the concept of hydraulic press and hydraulic press. Are the two words the same product? What is the difference between the two? Some customers buy hydraulic press and see hydraulic press. Many customers are more entangled with these two words. The products corresponding to the words will be explained in detail by Wenzhou Oukai Machinery Co., Ltd. today:

How to properly clean hydraulic press components?

Hydraulic press is a machine that uses static pressure to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products. Commonly used in casting, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, deep drawing, powder metallurgy, stamping and other stamping processes and forming processes. Whether it is assembling or disassembling the hydraulic components of the hydraulic press, pollution must be avoided. Therefore, the hydraulic press must be cleaned before installation and use, so that it can be cleaned correctly and effectively. Here we have summarized several cleaning methods for hydraulic presses.

Why does the hydraulic press fail to operate?

Now that the hydraulic machine fails, it may cause the entire valve core to be stuck. For example, if the original valve port is blocked, this situation occurs. When the valve hole of the flow valve or the directional valve is blocked, the entire hydraulic press can easily exhibit these operations. The phenomenon of failure. Under this condition, the condition of the oil contamination of the hydraulic press should also be checked. Check the dirt inside, or some other gelatinous substance deposits, and see if they have stuck the entire valve. Hole, the same should also check the wear condition of the entire hydraulic valve.
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