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200T semi-automatic embossing and bronzing dual-purpose hydraulic press

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200T semi-automatic embossing and bronzing dual-purpose hydraulic press

Semi-automatic embossing machine product introduction: Main applicable products: wine boxes, cigarette labels, leather carving boxes, cosmetic boxes, medicine packaging boxes, mobile phone boxes, shoe boxes, trademark stickers, clothing boxes, handbags, moon cakes/tea/health products Packaging, paper product packaging, jewelry box packaging, small appliance packaging, high-end photo albums, advertising posters, stamp albums, calendars and other packaging color printing products indentation embossing process. Examples of applicable materials: gold and silver cardboard, white cardboard, peritoneal cardboard , Leather, plastic... Process effect: flat, high-convex embossed, full-page text and line texture patterns, embossed, high-convex embossed, embossed, hot-stamping, embossed, embossed
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Semi-automatic embossing machine

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Main applicable products: wine box, cigarette label, leather sculpture box, cosmetic box, medicine packaging box, mobile phone box, shoe box, trademark sticker, clothing box, handbag, moon cake/tea/health product packaging, paper product packaging, jewelry Box packaging, small appliance packaging, high-end photo albums, advertising posters, stamp albums, calendars and other packaging color printing products indentation embossing process. Examples of applicable materials: gold and silver cardboard, white cardboard, peritoneal cardboard, leather, plastic... Process effect : Plane high-convex relief embossed full-page text and line texture patterns, embossed high-convex embossing, embossed hot-stamping, embossed embossed, three-dimensional relief, embossed refraction light pattern, embossed refraction light pattern Hot stamping, heavy embossing, embossing, embossing, and hot stamping... The characteristics of the bottom-top flat-press deep embossing hydraulic machine tool: adopts four-column model design, fully welded structure, hydraulic drive. Pressure and heat are uniform, and the imprinting speed is 480-800 sheets/hour Hours, the deep embossing embossing sleeve shape is accurate, eliminating defective products, four-zone PID digital automatic temperature control, using honeycomb board mounting plate, infrared electric eye light curtain protection device, full digital operation, pattern text embossing, heavy embossing deep embossing The lifting height can reach up to 10mm (design and plate making cooperation), with strong three-dimensional effect, high anti-counterfeiting, and no cumbersome printing, low cost and high profit, environmental protection-simple-fast-safe.

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