200T semi-automatic embossing-bronzing dual-purpose hydraulic press

The computer optimizes the structure design, the four-column structure is simple, economical and practical; the frame structure has good rigidity, high precision and strong anti-partial load capacity.

Semi-automatic embossing machine product introduction: mainly applicable products: wine box, cigarette label, leather carving box, cosmetic box, medicine box, mobile phone box, shoe box, trademark label, clothing box, handbag, moon cake/tea/health care product packaging, paper product packaging, jewelry box packaging, small household appliance packaging, high-grade photo album, advertising poster, stamp album, calendar and other packaging color printing products indentation embossing process. applicable materials: leather gold and silver cardboard, white cardboard, peritoneal cardboard, the plastic... Process effect: plane high convex relief heavy pressure full plate text and line texture pattern, relief heavy pressure high convex embossing, relief heavy pressure hot stamping, relief heavy pressure concave and convex,

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Keyword: 200T semi-automatic embossing-bronzing dual-purpose hydraulic press

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Characteristics: the computer to optimize the design of the structure, the machine body can be used for frame type or four pilar type constructionFrame type rod preload structure, high precision, good rigidity, the sideway of foursquare and octahedra, the high orientation precision, the unbalanceloading resistance isDIarconstructionIs simple.economic ana practicaImported material cylinder sealing components, highStrono"tVDereliability, long service life: Movingworkbench, convenient mould replacement; Deep drawing, the blankholder slide can be joined by the positioningpin etc,realize the dynamicof sinale action:achine,electricity iauidinteorationSuch as oil cylinder inferior vena supportingloop, the oil cylinder interlock circuit and so on, the safety is superior; importedis a sensitive and reliable.Conrofollowing areas:All kinds of containers:all kinds ofApplicable fields:This series machine:is suitable for all the deep drawing250PC1ADrocesS.automoble covering parts;household applance parts,kitchen utensils, tractor, motorcycle and aerospace, aviation,electronics, instruments,chemical etc.


Semi-automatic embossing machine

Product introduction:

Main applicable products:Wine Box,Cigarette Label,Carved leather box,Cosmetic Box,Medicine Packaging Box,Mobile phone box,Shoe Box,Trademark Label,Garment Box,Tote Bag,Moon Cake/Tea/Health care products packaging,Packaging of Paper Products,Jewelry box packaging,Small appliance packagingHigh-end photo album,Advertising Poster,Stamp Collection Album,Indentation and Embossing Process of Packaging Color Printing Products such as Wall CalendarExamples of applicable materials:gold and silver cardboard,white cardboard,peritoneal cardboard,Leather,Plastic… Process effect:Plane high convex relief heavy pressure full plate text and line texture pattern,embossed heavy pressure high convex embossing,Embossed Heavy Pressure Bronzing,Relief Heavy Pressure Concave-convex,three-dimensional relief,embossed heavy pressure refractive pattern,Embossed heavy pressure refractive light pattern bronzing,Embossed heavy pressure concave-convex hot stamping…… Characteristics of Deep Embossing Hydraulic Machine Tool with Flat Lower Top:Adopt four-column model design,fully welded structure,Hydraulic drive.Uniform heating under pressure,Imprint speed per hour 480-800 Zhang/Hours,Accurate shape of deep embossing,Eliminate defective products,four zones PID Digital automatic thermostat control,The use of honeycomb plate plate,Infrared electric eye curtain protection device,All-digital operation,Pattern text relief heavy pressure deep pressure raised height up 10mm(Design and plate making coordination),Strong three-dimensional sense,High anti-counterfeiting,And no tedious printing,Low cost and high profit,Environmental protection-Simple-Fast-Security.

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