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YG-200-1250T four-column hydraulic press (reducer, cap)

Four column hydraulic machine product introduction: four column hydraulic machine also known as hydraulic machine, is the use of pascal's law made of the use of liquid pressure transmission machinery, many types. Of course, the uses are also varied according to need. For example, according to the type of liquid that transmits pressure, there are two categories: hydraulic press and hydraulic press. The total pressure generated by the hydraulic press is large and is often used for forging and stamping. Forging hydraulic press is divided into two kinds of die forging hydraulic press and free forging hydraulic press. Die forging hydraulic press to use a mold, and free forging hydraulic press without a mold. The first 10,000-ton hydraulic press made in China is a free forging hydraulic press. The four-column hydraulic press consists of two major groups: the host and the control mechanism.

Free forging hydraulic press

Free Forging Hydraulic Press Main Uses and Features of Forging Equipment: ● This machine is mainly used for hot free forging process of disc-like hairy parts, ring-like parts, and hot forging and hot die forging of other products. ● The working pressure and stroke of the machine can be adjusted within the specified parameters according to the process needs. ●This machine has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control, which can realize manual and semi-automatic operation modes. This machine is sensitive and simple to operate, with low noise, stable pressure, fast down and fast return, which can meet the needs of different production processes. The machine can be equipped with optional accessories: