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HTY tee pipe forming machine

Three-way pipe fitting forming machine product features: 1. It can form multiple parts at one time, and adopts parts immersion technology, which saves water filling time, has high efficiency and low energy consumption. 2. It adopts three extrusion cylinder structure, which can form 90 degree and 135 degree parts. The speed and pressure of the extrusion cylinder can be adjusted within a certain range. Wide process range and strong versatility. 3. Computer-aided design to ensure the rigidity and strength of the lower beam. 4, the electrical use of PLC control, can achieve constant pressure, fixed range of two kinds of process action. 5. Pressurization device can be set to adapt to the forming of complex and difficult forming parts.

YTW-63T-200T elbow ball forming hydraulic press

Elbow ball forming hydraulic press product introduction: suitable for steel pipe bending, elbow deformation process, bending, flanging, sheet stretching, etc. This machine has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control, which can realize three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. The working pressure, pressing speed and stroke range of this machine can be adjusted according to the process needs. And can complete the fixed pressure and fixed range of two processes, the process of fixed pressure. After pressing with holding pressure and delay automatic return action. Optional accessories: photoelectric protection device. Stroke, pressure, time digital display system.

LSQ-200T-1500T trimming punching hydraulic press

Main Uses and Features of Forging Equipment of Cutting Edge Punching Hydraulic Press: ● This machine is mainly used for hot free forging process of disc-like hairy parts, ring-like parts, and hot forging and hot die forging of other products. ● The working pressure and stroke of the machine can be adjusted within the specified parameters according to the process needs. ●This machine has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts button centralized control, which can realize manual and semi-automatic operation modes. This machine is sensitive and simple to operate, with low noise, stable pressure, fast down and fast return, which can meet the needs of different production processes. The machine can be equipped with optional accessories:

200T semi-automatic embossing-bronzing dual-purpose hydraulic press

Semi-automatic embossing machine product introduction: mainly applicable products: wine box, cigarette label, leather carving box, cosmetic box, medicine box, mobile phone box, shoe box, trademark label, clothing box, handbag, moon cake/tea/health care product packaging, paper product packaging, jewelry box packaging, small household appliance packaging, high-grade photo album, advertising poster, stamp album, calendar and other packaging color printing products indentation embossing process. applicable materials: leather gold and silver cardboard, white cardboard, peritoneal cardboard, the plastic... Process effect: plane high convex relief heavy pressure full plate text and line texture pattern, relief heavy pressure high convex embossing, relief heavy pressure hot stamping, relief heavy pressure concave and convex,