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Y62 precision red punch hydraulic press

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Y62-200T-500T Precision Red Punch Hydraulic Press
The advantages of the precision red punch hydraulic press: 1) Forming is basically not restricted by the external shape of the product parts; 2) Commonly used equipment is used for production, easy to put into production, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises; 3) High productivity, suitable for mass production; 4) Due to the core pulling device, the inside of the pressed part is hollow, unlike the part processed by the forging die, the inside is solid, and the thickness of the burr of the general small red punch is about 0.5mm, while the forging molded part The thickness of the burr is generally above 2mm, so the material utilization rate is much higher than that of the forging die; 5) Red punching is a machining process with less cutting and no cutting.
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